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  • In the commercial name: White oak
  • British business name: White Oak
  • Time: 2016-12-15
  • Latin name: Quercus Alba
  • Chinese name:
  • Commodity level:
  • Scope Of Application: Floor, furniture
  • Veneer Origin:
  • Views : 131

1 white oak mountain wood clear, and touch the surface with good texture.

2 white oak furniture solid texture, firm, moisture is not easy to deformation, very resistant to wear, long service life. 

3 white oak furniture of high grade, can reflect the identity of the owner and a noble family. 

4 white oak wood furniture is good, it can be comparable with mahogany furniture. 

5 white oak furniture has a high collection value. 

6 white oak can be added to the surface of the spray paint to make a lot of different colors, and the original wooden sense is still. 

7 white oak can be combined with metal, glass and so on, can highlight its fashion avant-garde feeling. 


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