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  • In the commercial name: EbonyB
  • British business name: EbonyB
  • Time: 2016-12-15
  • Latin name:
  • Chinese name:
  • Commodity level:
  • Scope Of Application: Floor, furniture
  • Veneer Origin:
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Ebony is one of the rare wood in the world, produced in the tropical rainforest area, growth period is very slow, the wood is extremely precious material, delicate, high density, small brown eyes, 

Maximum hardness. The hard, smooth, the section of polished patina bright very, mirror like mirrors; and like the surface of the satin, reminiscent of jade. Such apparent 

Feel the smooth as jade from its close texture, scarce brown eyes, heavy oily. The black pattern seems to change constantly as the well-known mountains and rivers, Jasper Sheng Yao, the freely flowing style of writing, India 

As a master of shame. Not only is the charm of ebony reward, more in hand. 


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