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  • In the commercial name: Ash Burl AB
  • British business name: Ash Burl
  • Time: 2016-12-15
  • Latin name: Fraxinus Excelsior
  • Chinese name:
  • Commodity level:
  • Scope Of Application: Plywood, MDF, furniture, decoration works, high-grade decorative finishes, etc.
  • Veneer Origin:
  • Views : 103

A dried tree burl that is formed on the trunk rather than the root of the tree. In general, this situation occurs in a single tree and a small Cong Shuzhong, affected by the outside world, these trees have more trunk tumor.
The changing direction of growth and continued rapid growth have led to the formation of tumors. Which is completely intact, the foot diameter is relatively large, and the whole piece of wood with a very rare tumor. Often found in
A black node node or group in the form of small tumors, the tumor area scattered over the entire surface, and the lines connected to each other through.


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