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  • In the commercial name: Cherry A+
  • British business name: Cherry
  • Time: 2016-12-15
  • Latin name: Prunusspp
  • Chinese name:
  • Commodity level:
  • Scope Of Application: Floor, furniture
  • Veneer Origin:
  • Views : 115

Gum 1, cherry wood containing natural brown spots and small tree heart nest, delicate texture, clear, polished and good coating effect, suitable for high-end products Home Furnishing. 

2, cherry wood processing performance is good, drying is still fast, dry shrinkage, but the size stability after drying is very good. 

 3, cherry wood from North America, wood with black spots of minerals. Relative texture, texture than cherry nanmu beautiful, more suitable for European and American furniture field 

 Garden style furniture. Look at the black spots from the texture really cherry wood, southwestbirch No. The second color: really cherry wood furniture yellow, southwestbirch is red, red cherry. 

4, cherry wood bending performance is good, the strength of general, compared to the load. 

5, cherry wood core from deep red to reddish brown, wood texture straight, and easy manual processing, wood is not hard, loss of the equipment is relatively small. In addition, cherry wood dry 

After drying shrink more powerful, but this time, the performance is very stable after drying, the application is very extensive. 

6, cherry wood because of its delicate wood, noble decorative effect and comfortable use effect, this year has gradually gained the favor of consumers, and gradually formed a cherry wind in the market. 


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