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  • In the commercial name: Rosewood.
  • British business name: Rosewood.
  • Time: 2016-12-15
  • Latin name:
  • Chinese name:
  • Commodity level:
  • Scope Of Application: Ordinary furniture, cabinetry, decoration engineering, panels, floor, doors, staircases, vessels and
  • Veneer Origin:
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Wood veneer growth in tropical and subtropical regions, mainly from Southeast Asian countries. The wood produced in Brazil best quality veneer, wood color is not uniform,
Heartwood orange, reddish brown to black brown, dark stripe clearly. The wood is shiny, with sour or acid flavor, high density, hard wear. Good wood veneer
No tunnels without black spots no bug smooth natural texture, high-grade rare species, the exporter has strict restrictions on exports, pushed up the price of rosewood.


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